Human Bosses Edit

Lieutenant Colonel Morgan - Wearing Alar Knight Armor and has brown hair with ponytail. Also wears sunglasses. The weakest Human boss.

Prince Hadrian - Wearing Alar Knight Armor and is bald. Has more health and does more damage than Morgan.

Commander Meridius - Wearing Redcliff Elite Armor with a red and orange detailed mask/helmet. Is the fastest boss and does most damage, but has lowest health of Human bosses.

Megathron - Wearing Emperor armor and A helmet that covers the whole face but eyes. Slightly weaker than Champion Hawklight.

Champion Hawklight - Wearing Bluesteel Armor and Bluesteel Helmet. Hence it's name, it glows a light aura. It has the most health of Human bosses. Pro - 1955 Beginner - 1039

Orc Bosses Edit

Kor'kron Overseer - Wearing red Korbloxian style armor with spikes. Has a red helmet with a T shape opening. Also has a horn on each side of the helmet. The weakest Orc boss.

Argug the Destroyer - One of the biggest bosses; wears a redcliff knight armor, except it is mostly red, has chainmail leggings and has a helmet similar to the emperor helm except thet it has no horns. Pretty fast, and is a LOT more powerful than Kor'kron Overseer.

Troglar - Is a green and black armored goblin. It has sharp ears with eyes of a snake, it is very fast. A bit faster, powerful, and has more health than Kor'kron Overseer.

Knolgar - Has the body of trolgar, but with the head of a grotesque pig with huge green ears, stats are a bit higher than trolgar on the defensive, and makes little pig snorting sounds each time it hits something.

Orc Skeleton King - A big, giant, skeleton that is very fast, as a compensation for little health. The fastest and has the 2nd most powerful attack of the Orc bosses.

Dread Pirate Vakar - Basically a huge green pirate with a wooden leg and a schmitar, has the most attack damage and the second greatest health of the Orc bosses.

High Cheiftain Xurruk - Wears green plated armor with leggings similar to Argug. Has a green version of the Ko'kron Overseer's helmet. This boss has the most health out of all Orc bosses.